Wiatrówka PCP RTI Prophet 5,5mm. Performance


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Technical information

4.5 (.177) 5.5 (.22) 6.35 (.25) 7.62 (.30)
Rifle can also be bought in 7J, 16J, 20J or 24J
24J 45J / /
Shots per fill
With 0.35L bottle
/ 110 / 40
Max Energy/Velocity
At 180 bar (with adjustable regulator and extended stock)
/ 85J(35gr – 280 mps / 918 fps)
78J(25gr – 310 mps / 1017 fps)
/ /
Air Capacity 320 cc
Max filling pressure 300 bar
Plenum Volume 57 ccm
Bottle Removable aluminium buddy bottle
Magazine capacity 14 12 10 7
Max pellet length in magazine
which still fits in the magazine (all calibers)
12 mm
Max pellet length single shot
which can fit in to the barrel without the magazine (all calibers)
16 mm
Trigger 2 stage, adjustable down to 200 g
Cocking system Side lever
Grip Standard AR15 grip (must be without beaver tail)
Barrel CZ 20″, 12 grooves, 17,7″ twist rate, choked LW 24″, 6 grooves, 32″ twist rate, choked CZ 24″, 10 grooves, 17,7″ twist rate, choked LW 24″, 6 grooves, 16″ twist rate, choked
Arrow Barrel Available as an addition (Arrows X7 2212)
Caliber Kits Different caliber kits can be bought as an addition so you can easily change a caliber of your rifle
Pressure regulator By default set to 125bar.
Externally Adjustable Pressure Regulator available as an addition.
Trigger safety Yes
Optics Picatinny rail 20 MOA
Picatinny rail length 190 mm
Pressure gauge On the bottle which shows pressure in the bottle
Total length 755 mm
Max height 157 mm
Max width 35 mm
Bottle diameter 61 mm
Weight 3,3kg with buddy bottle
Charging type Foster coupling